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I am a sports scientist with a passion for esports, currently working as Head of Physical, Mental and Talent development and Fitness Coach for Hyve Central Esports. 
I'm a gamer and I like to combine my education and professional skills with my gaming passion. I currently aim for a PhD and am scouting job opportunities as researcher, sports scientist and/or fitness/S&C coach with a team in the esports industry.

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Esports athletes require a performance model that takes care of their health and lifestyle, in order to perform at the highest levels. Even the smallest factor can make the difference between winning or losing. Taking care of your health, your physical activity and your lifestyle will reflect in your gaming.


Esports performance is determined by several factors, and neglecting any of them might worsen your performance and your improvements. Physical exercise has been shown to improve cognitive aspects, deeply related with esports performance.


Being healthy is everything. Whether you want to succeed in esports or in other aspects of your life, being in good health is fundamental, and it starts with being active. The correct amount of exercise can provide many health and performance benefits.


A healthy lifestyle is the foundation to build an athlete. Sleeping and eating habits, alongside with the correct amount of physical activity will play a major role in achieving good performance, and will lead to a longer career at the highest levels.



Edinburgh, UK

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