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Fitness and esports performance are deeply correlated. A study from the German Sports University showed that esports athletes are exposed to very high physical strain, as much as traditional sports athletes. Thus, the necessity of training more and better.

Exercise can produce several positive adaptations for the body and the brain. Among the numerous health benefits, being active will help you reduce and control stress, anxiety and depression, and will help your mental fortitude. This will allow you to perform for a longer time, for example during a tournament, whilst keeping up your performance. Exercising will also improve your cognitive function. You will increase your attention, your reflexes, your reaction time and your coordination. You will also find it easier to learn and process new information.

The optimal training plan for an esports athlete should be as complete as possible, in order to achieve an overall good fitness level. It will include different exercises and modalities to achieve a higher performance.


Physical training that focuses on your heart, lungs and associated blood vessels. It is a great tool to keep your hearth and your respiratory system healthy. This kind of training has several important benefits. For example, it will reduce the risk for several diseases, and it is a great tool for weight management.
Since most of the esports require you to sit for a long time, your cardiovascular system might suffer from this kind of partial inactivity. Esports athletes would get the most out of specific training.


Physical training that develops the musculoskeletal system. It is typically associated with weights, but there are several ways to achieve the same results. It is an important training due to its benefits, such as increasing or maintaining a proper muscle mass and strengthening your bones. Similar to the cardiovascular training, it also helps reducing the risk for multiple diseases.
Esports are usually activities that do not require to move, leaving your body without enough stimulus to stay healthy and fit. Esports athletes will greatly benefit from a strength training, both for their performance and for their quality of life.


Physical training that focuses on keeping a healthy range of motion for your muscles and joints. It's fundamental to stay healthy, as it guarantees the freedom to move properly without limitations.
As prolonged inactivity can reduce your range of motion, specific training can counter this negative effect and allow you to enjoy a fully mobile and flexible body. Esports players, due to the very nature of their sports, will find themselves sitting for long times, and will benefit from this type of training.

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