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I am mainly interested in how physical activity can positively affect health and performance in esports athletes.
Even though the benefits of physical activity on physical and mental health are known, there is a lack of understanding about these topics applied to esports. Furthermore, we don't know much about the interaction between physical activity and cognitive performance, and more studies are needed around this topic.
It has been hypothesized that exercise can affect cognitive abilities, but we need more research to explore the mechanisms behind these potential benefits and to understand how we can efficiently and effectively use exercise to achieve a higher performance.


Esports literature is lacking. The understanding of esports performance is quite limited and mostly based on the experience of the coaching staff and players.

We need more esports specific research about health and performance.

Sports scientists should be included in this process, because of their transferable knowledge from traditional sports.


Research can benefit esports performance, as it might provide the knowledge needed to improve training protocols and strategies. Especially at the highest levels, adopting an evidence-based approach might provide what you need to perform at a higher level.


Having the knowledge to understand esports performance is key in several areas such as training, monitoring, performance analysis and recruitment.

As a sports scientist and performance coach I can apply my knowledge in traditional sports to esports.

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